Welding Technology & Engineering Analyses

Demonstrated Expertise

AMTI has demonstrated expertise in weld analysis that was developed in assignments for Fortune 500 Firms and in major loss investigations. Our welding consultants write welding procedure specifications, consult on codes and standards, perform weld failure analysis, and specify welding consumables for all types of welding applications.

AMTI specializes in analyzing and preventing product failures, improving manufacturing processes, improving quality and lowering risks, enhancing safety and evaluating materials.

Metallurgical & Material engineers

AMTI’s metallurgical and material expertise covers multiple industries, applications, and client needs. Our team possesses the applied industrial experience, knowledge, and capabilities to provide clear and concise answers.
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forensic investigations

AMTI’s forensic experts will clearly disseminate the nature of the investigation’s forensic process to the intended audience, presenting the most crucial information needed.

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With over 30 years of experience in our respective disciplines, AMTI provides our clients with concise, definitive results supported by meticulous scientific analysis and documentation.

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Expert witness

AMTI’s engineering litigation service is comprehensive, with credible demonstrations and expansive analysis for precise data. We solve problems and give our clients solid, evidence driven, answers.

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Engineering Consulting

AMTI’s welding consultants determine structural integrity of plant equipment related to the energy, civil, structural, marine and the manufacturing industries.

Each weld failure analysis is tailored to our client’s specific needs. AMTI provides services with comprehensive experience and knowledge in multiple fields.

AMTI assists insurance companies, fabrication firms, and attorneys and corporations with expert consultation. We provide wide-ranging data for both commercial and private requirements.

Engineering Consultants | Credibility

AMTI’s welding consultants determine structural integrity of plant equipment related to the energy, civil, structural, marine and the manufacturing industries.

AMTI has knowledge and proven welding technology expertise:

  • Evaluation of Welding Design and Conformance to Codes
  • Solution to Welding Related Problems
  • Site Inspections and Welded Structure Inspections
  • Failure and Root Cause Analysis
  • Comprehensive Laboratory Analyses
  • Special Weld Testing
  • Welded Structural Integrity Analysis (pressure vessels, piping, bridges, cranes, buildings, etc.)
  • Welded Structure Fitness For Service and Remnant Life Analyses
  • Welded Structure Fracture Mechanics and Defect Growth Analyses
  • Development of Welding Procedures and Techniques
  • Materials and Consumables Selection
  • Welding Consumable Development
  • Quality Assurance Consulting and Supervision
  • Welding Equipment Patent Infringement and Trade Secret Claims
Comprehensive Analysis

AMTI forensic engineering consultants apply extensive knowledge with both in-house and third party analytical instrumentation to determine the specific cause and sequence of events responsible for product failures and production issues.

AMTI forensic engineering testing is comprehensive:

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
  • Glow Discharge Spectroscopy
  • Fourier Transform Infrared
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Mass Spectroscopy
  • Many other material analysis assets that provide accurate data
Why Clients Choose Us

Bottom line: demonstrated credibility, professional credentials, and multi-discipline certification.

Our forensic engineering and litigation support experience spans multiple industries providing you with a full spectrum of knowledge, wisdom and professional perspective.


We save you time and money through extensive experience and industry knowledge.
Our forensic investigations process will create ease in making clear decisions and taking decisive action.

Whether manufacturing, energy, mining, oil and gas, aerospace or transportation, or maritime, we provide reliable answers to tough questions.


AMTI Engineering has forensic engineers and litigation support specialists with demonstrated credibility across the United States, including:

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Houston, Texas
  • New York City, New York
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Denver, Colorado
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