Code Compliance Inspections and Evaluations

Solid Facts for Critical Decisions

With the growing complexity of codes, regulations and evaluation requirements in all sectors, the need for well-planned projects precise data has never been greater. Our team of multi-disciplined engineers are proficient in all aspects of professional code inspections and their requirements.

AMTI specializes in analyzing and preventing product failures, improving manufacturing processes, improving quality and lowering risks, enhancing safety and evaluating materials.

Material engineering

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of industries, applications, and client needs, using state-of-the-art analysis, consulting and laboratory investigations to meet our client’s demands.
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forensic investigations

AMTI’s forensic experts will clearly dissemination the nature of the investigation’s forensic process to the intended audience, presenting the most crucial information needed. Click here to Read More.


AMTI provides our clients with concise, definitive results supported by meticulous scientific analysis and documentation with over 30 years in our discipline.

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Expert witness

AMTI's engineering litigation service is comprehensive: credible demonstration, expansive analysis assets for precise data. We solve problems and give our clients solid answers.
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Engineering Consulting

Our qualifications and experience help you meet your compliance challenges and AMTI provides you with a comprehensive array of inspection services, including:

  • Materials Evaluation and Inspection
  • Mechanical Evaluation and Inspection
  • Electrical Evaluation and Inspection
  • Marine Surveys
  • Welding Evaluation and Inspection
  • Failure Analysis
Engineering Consultants | Credibility

AMTI stands out among engineering consultants for our expertise in supporting litigation and evaluating insurance claims. AMTI provides            our clients with concise, definitive results supported by meticulous scientific analysis and documentation. Over 30-years in our discipline provides clients with the confidence needed from an engineering consulting service.

AMTI has demonstrated credibility, professional credentials as well as multi-discipline certification. AMTI has precise engineering testing analysis protocols that brings our clients confidence and clarity. ASTM Standards are applied to sample preparation and examination, collection and preservation of samples and data and handling of evidence. AMTI engineering consulting service maintains a meticulous chain of evidence preservation procedures to assure the integrity of evidential samples when necessary.

Comprehensive Analysis

AMTI forensic engineering consultants apply extensive knowledge with both in-house and third party analytical instrumentation to determine the specific cause and sequence of events responsible for product failures and production issues.

AMTI forensic engineering testing is comprehensive:

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
  • Glow Discharge Spectroscopy
  • Fourier Transform Infrared
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Mass Spectroscopy
  • Many other material analysis assets that provide accurate data

Technical Services

The AMTI associated staff provide a variety of technical services:

  • Field Investigations and Evaluations
  • Litigation and Expert Testimony
  • Material Selection Evaluations and Failure Analysis
  • Welding Technology and Engineering
  • Design and Development
  • Code Compliance Inspections
Why Clients Choose Us

Bottom line: demonstrated credibility, professional credentials, and multi-discipline certification.

Our forensic engineering and litigation support experience span multiple industries providing you with a full spectrum of knowledge, wisdom and professional perspective.


We save you time and money by investigating metallurgical failures like corrosion, vibration, fatigue, and other structural issues. Our forensic investigations process will make it easy to make clear decisions and take decisive actions.
Whether manufacturing, energy, mining, oil and gas, aerospace or transportation, or maritime, we provide reliable answers to tough problems.


AMTI Engineering has forensic engineers and litigation support specialists with demonstrated credibility across the United States, including:

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Houston, Texas
  • New York City, New York
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Denver, Colorado
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Metallurgical Engineering  Services

• Forensic Failure Analysis
Materials Identification and Characterization
• Structural Analysis
Materials Composition
• Polymer Failure Analysis
• Materials Performance
• Materials Formulation and De-formulation
• Chemical Testing and Analysis
• Chemical Trace Analysis
• Contamination Analysis
• Surface Analysis

• Surface Analysis
• Materials Production
• Materials Processing
• Materials Science Research
Metallurgy Services
Metallurgical and Materials Failure Analysis and Investigations
• Microscopy Analysis
• Polymers and Plastics
• Physical Properties Testing
• Nano-Materials Analysis and Research

• Flexible Electronics Materials Testing
• Electronic Materials
• Welding and Joining
Material analysis and testing:
Materials Analysis
• Materials Testing
• Materials Analysis Techniques
Material analysis and testing:
• Physical Properties Testing
Laboratory Services