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For Accident Investigation and Litigation Support

It is essential that the elements created for a crime scene recreation use custom forensic animation modeling. This ensures that the elements precisely match those at the crime scene or accident site. This is the only way to preserve the accuracy of the forensic information and create a 3D forensic animation of an event or scene that can be useful for litigators in a courtroom.

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How We Do It

Through precise forensic animation protocols, AMTI delivers confidence and clarity. We apply ASTM Forensic Engineering Standards ensuring that you can trust our well-documented procedures and integrity of samples.

We perform all of our work in an A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) certified laboratory, which means you can expect uncompromised integrity and objective forensic engineering.

Why Clients Choose Us For Forensic Animation

Bottomline: demonstrated credibility, professional credentials, and multi-discipline certifications.

Our forensic engineering and litigation support experience span multiple industries providing you with a full spectrum of knowledge, wisdom and professional perspective.

This is what we are about and why clients choose us:

• Respect for the individual dignity of clients, workers, and professionals
• Impartiality, independence, and objectivity
• Uncompromising integrity
• Credibility
• Trust

Provable explanations

There are many forensic events where it is useful to use forensic animation; such as an automobile or vehicular accident, building, bridge, or crane collapse, mechanical device failure, explosions or fires.

Our forensic engineers work closely with our forensic animation technicians for the most accurate representation to empower our clients with detailed information. We gather all of the relevant facts of a case to help build a provable explanation of events.

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