Material Selection Evaluations & Failure Analysis

Design and Production Integrity

Integrity of design can be ensured only after a systematic material selection procedure, otherwise the likely result is failure. In the materials selection process, materials are assessed for tensile strength, flexural strength, impact strength, compressive strength, fatigue endurance, creep and stress-relaxation properties. All assessments take product and application into account which helps ensure that the design will have a high probability of success.

Material Integrity

Many designs fail because the actual working environment is not evaluated. Chemical, environmental and other transient conditions all play a role in engineering material selection and effect the survival of components and systems. AMTI’s material engineers determine the working conditions and then carefully select the appropriate materials to suit the application and all of the factors that can affect failure and aging.

AMTI Can Save You Money

Selection of material plays an invaluable role in the outcome of complex design as well as simple designs. Proper selection of materials is always advisable to make sure that the product will perform well in an unpredictable situation. In a highly competitive industrial and manufacturing environment, every factor and condition must be accurately assessed for materials that last.

Failure Analysis | Experts

AMTI’s failure analysis testing experts are skilled in a variety of disciplines and fields including material engineering, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, welding, marine engineering and coatings. This collective force of experience along with our comprehensive capabilities enables us to provide a complete and timely failure analysis report that can help prevent future failures.