Forensic Investigations

AMTI’s forensic experts will clearly dissemination the nature of the investigation’s forensic process to the intended audience, presenting the most crucial information needed. Click here to Read More.

Expert Witness

AMTI's engineering litigation service is comprehensive: the latest testing equipment and many other material analysis assets that provide clients with precise data. Click here to Read More.

Forensic Engineering

We solve problems and give our clients solid answers. Our metallurgical and material engineers have a wide range of expertise in multiple disciplines giving you objective, trusted support that's compelling in the field and in the courtroom.

Our objectivity, respect for dignity, impartiality, and independent results give our clients confidence in their legal approach. From a collection of witness statements, through the securing of incident evidence and data, our forensic engineers bring in a  high-level of multi-disciplinary engineering and scientific methods. Click here for Forensic Engineering and Investigations.



Material Engineers

AMTI’s Metallurgical and Materials expertise covers a broad spectrum of industries, applications, and client needs, using state-of-the-art analysis, consulting and on-site and laboratory investigations to meet our client’s demands. AMTI’s material engineers are respected experts in chemical, mechanical, destructive and non-destructive testing for a wide range of both metallic and non-metallic materials and products. Click here for Material Engineers.

Forensic Fire Investigations

AMTI is staffed with certified fire investigators with qualifications and demonstrated credibility. Our extensive experience and resources allow us to recreate and evaluate all types of fires and explosions. AMTI is committed to providing conclusive, unbiased and accurate fire investigation services in that our clients can make informed decisions based on unequivocal fact. Click here for Forensic Fire Investigations.

Why Choose Us

AMTI is sought out for forensic engineering and material engineering experience: marine and industrial accidents, evaluation of insurance claims, solving industrial problems, forensic fire investigations and more. AMTI provides our clients with clear, definitive results supported by meticulous scientific analysis and documentation. Over 30 years in our discipline provides clients with the confidence they require.

Forensic Engineering, Material Engineers | Experience

AMTI handles metallurgical testing with expert evaluation, competence, propriety, and integrity. We know that our clients need solid facts. AMTI delivers results to clients making critical decisions for satisfactory case resolution.

AMTI has demonstrated credibility, professional credentials as well as multi-discipline certification. AMTI uses precise analysis protocols, back by Codes and Standards that delivers confidence and evidential clarity to our clients. ASTM Standards are applied to sample preparation and examination, collection and preservation of samples and data, and handling of evidence. AMTI professionals maintain well-documented procedures that are securely stored to assure the integrity of samples. AMTI’s work is performed in an A2LA Certified laboratory.