Marine Casualty Investigation & Analysis

Expert Investigative Services

AMTI offers marine industry clients specialized casualty investigation services that can provide insight and clarity into the essential character of maritime accidents. As a full spectrum accident investigation firm AMTI can deliver valuable findings, conclusions and expert opinions on causation -- whether it's a vessel casualty, port facility accident or personal injury occurrence. Our marine casualty investigators and marine engineers can utilize a variety of analytical techniques from basic to advanced, including photogrammetry, computer simulations and reconstruction and microscopic failure analysis.

Our expertise includes the investigation of:

  • Vessel casualties involving:
    • collision, fire, grounding, flooding and sinking
    • structural failures of vessel hulls and appurtenances
    • machinery or equipment failure resulting in loss of control
    • falls overboard or personal injury-accidents onboard vessels, port facilities or offshore platforms
    • recreational boat or personal watercraft accidents
  • Vessel and offshore platform casualties related to loss of stability
  • Human factors related to vessel and offshore platform accidents
  • Failures of marine structural fire protection construction features
  • Failures of marine life safety systems resulting in personnel casualties
  • Failures of marine pollution prevention systems resulting in reportable spills

In-Depth Analysis

AMTI's engineers and marine surveyors are experienced experts in the forensic investigation of a wide spectrum of maritime accidents. They are trained to carefully gather all pertinent data, evaluate the evidence using sound analytical practices and develop clear, supportable conclusions that are valuable not only for causation and liability claims but can also be used to prevent reoccurrence of property damage or personnel injuries. Our goal is to “cover all of the bases” so that our conclusions will hold up under the most intense scrutiny.

Comprehensive evidence gathering procedures

When relevant we visit the site of a marine casualty to secure physical evidence, obtain precise measurements and survey the location. As appropriate we perform visibility studies, determine and re-create the conditions prior to the accident, conduct interviews and review witness statements. By expeditiously pursuing and developing as much relevant evidence as possible we ensure that our findings and conclusions are fully supportable.

Conclusive and effective accident reports

AMTI’s marine accident investigators and marine engineers are experienced in the procedures for developing clear and effective reports that conform to court, industry and our client’s standards, as appropriate. Reports are tailored to be most effective for each individual case but often include the following elements:

  • Scope of Damage
    A description of the type and extent of damage with recommendations for repair based on current industry standards. Non-claim related damage is identified. Potential additional damage is identified and all issues relevant to the claim are addressed.
  • Damage Cost Appraisal
    Repair estimates are collected and evaluated for accuracy.
  • Cause of Loss
    An accurate and precise description of the cause of loss is made whenever possible. Expert failure analysis and lab testing is employed when necessary to pinpoint proximate cause.
  • Third Party/Subrogation Investigation
    If there is a party responsible for causing a loss we strive to identify same, conduct research and compile documentation, complete an investigation of the responsible party’s involvement and maintain strict preservation of evidence. We provide evidence chain of custody receipts when appropriate.
  • Conclusions and expert opinions
    At the conclusion of our investigations we strive to clearly identify the proximate cause of each accident and describe our supported opinions which we can restate and defend as required at subsequent formal proceedings such as company safety audits, depositions and trial appearances.

Marine Salvage Assistance

AMTI’s staff naval architect can assist our clients in arranging salvage or rescue operations of imperiled vessels. We will recommend, oversee or arrange temporary repairs on site to significantly reduce repair costs or increase salvage values.