Engineering Consulting

AMTI engineering consulting service provides failure analysis, manufacturing process problem solving, compliance to standards and Codes, design evaluations, QA/QC analysis, reliability and risk studies, safety concern evaluations and materials testing. From among the finest engineering consulting firms, our diverse team of professional engineers and forensic experts offer knowledge, experience and commitment. AMTI specializes in analyzing and preventing product failures, improving manufacturing processes, improving quality and lowering risks, enhancing safety and evaluating materials.


AMTI engineering consulting service has the expertise and experience required to recommend alloys and manufacturing processes that assure cost effective optimal performance. The materials and processes used to manufacture a part or product are essential to its successful performance in service and we can assist you with cost-effective solutions. Our expertise can be used in the conception and design stage of a project. We provide solutions to problems that develop in mature parts and processes and help keep you in production. Our services are provided on-site at your facility or in our offices.

Experienced Engineering Consultants

AMTI stands out among engineering consultants for our expertise in supporting litigation and evaluating insurance claims. AMTI provides our clients with concise, definitive results supported by meticulous scientific analysis and documentation. Over 30 years in our discipline provides clients with the confidence needed from an engineering consulting service.

AMTI has demonstrated credibility, professional credentials as well as multi-discipline certification. AMTI has precise engineering testing analysis protocols that brings our clients confidence and clarity. ASTM Standards are applied to sample preparation and examination, collection and preservation of samples and data and handling of evidence. AMTI engineering consulting service maintains a meticulous chain of evidence preservation procedures to assure the integrity of evidential samples when necessary.

Forensic Engineering Consulting

AMTI forensic engineering consultants apply extensive knowledge with both in-house and third party analytical instrumentation to determine the specific cause and sequence of events responsible for product failures and production issues. AMTI forensic engineering testing is comprehensive: Scanning Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, Glow Discharge Spectroscopy, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy, and other material analysis assets that provide accurate data.


AMTI Engineering has forensic engineers and litigation support specialists with demonstrated credibility across the United States, including Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas and New York City, New York.

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Forensic Engineer and Scientist Services

AMTI Forensic Investigations provide analytical and physical analysis for a wide range of materials including:
• Forensic Failure Analysis
Materials Identification and Characterization
• Structural Analysis
Materials Composition
• Polymer Failure Analysis
• Materials Performance
• Materials Formulation and De-formulation
• Chemical Testing and Analysis
• Chemical Trace Analysis
• Contamination Analysis
• Surface Analysis
• Materials Production
• Materials Processing
• Materials Science Research
Metallurgy Services
Metallurgical and Materials Failure Analysis and Investigations
• Microscopy Analysis
• Polymers and Plastics
• Physical Properties Testing
• Nano-Materials Analysis and Research
• Flexible Electronics Materials Testing
• Electronic Materials
• Welding and Joining
Material analysis and testing:
Materials Analysis
• Materials Testing
• Materials Analysis Techniques
Material analysis and testing:
• Physical Properties Testing
Laboratory Services