Industrial Accident Investigation

AMTI provides clients with industrial accident investigation insight into the essential characterization of incidents with clarity that can only come from decades of experience. AMTI is a full industrial accident investigation firm that delivers to our clients a firm grasp of the real nature on a wide variety of accidents.



We Save You Time and Money

We save you time and money by investigating metallurgical failures like corrosion, vibration, fatigue, and other structural issues. Our forensic engineering process will make it easy to make clear decisions and take decisive actions. Whether manufacturing, energy, mining, oil and gas, aerospace or transportation, or maritime, we provide reliable answers to tough problems.

How We Do It

Through precise forensic fire investigations and explosion investigations protocol, we deliver confidence and clarity. We apply ASTM Forensic Engineering Standards from sample preparations to the handling of evidence ensuring that you can trust our well-documented procedures and integrity of samples. We perform all of our work in an A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation) Certified laboratory… that means you can expect uncompromised integrity and objective forensic engineering.


Why Choose Us For Industrial Accident Investigation?

Bottom line: demonstrated industrial accident investigation credibility, professional credentials, and certification for forensic fire investigations and explosion investigations. Our forensic engineering and litigation support experience span multiple industries providing you with a full spectrum of knowledge, wisdom and professional perspective.

This is what we are about and why clients choose us:
• Respect for the individual dignity of clients, workers, and professionals
• Impartiality, independence, and objectivity
• Uncompromising Integrity
• Credibility
• Trust


AMTI Engineering has forensic engineers and litigation support specialists with demonstrated credibility across the United States, including Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas and New York City, New York.


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Forensic Engineering Services

AMTI industrial accident investigations provide analytical and physical analysis for a wide range of materials including:
• Forensic Failure Analysis
Materials Identification and Characterization
• Structural Analysis
Materials Composition
• Polymer Failure Analysis
• Materials Performance
• Materials Formulation and De-formulation
• Chemical Testing and Analysis
• Chemical Trace Analysis
• Contamination Analysis
• Surface Analysis
• Materials Production
• Materials Processing
• Materials Science Research
Metallurgy Services
Metallurgical and Materials Failure Analysis and Investigations
• Microscopy Analysis
• Polymers and Plastics
• Physical Properties Testing
• Nano-Materials Analysis and Research
• Flexible Electronics Materials Testing
• Electronic Materials
• Welding and Joining
Material analysis and testing:
Materials Analysis
• Materials Testing
• Materials Analysis Techniques
Material analysis and testing:
• Physical Properties Testing
Laboratory Services