Failure Analysis

Applied Materials Technologies Incorporated (AMTI) experts have performed many hundreds of failure analyses reports on everything from electronic components, consumer products to major industrial equipment and systems failures. When we perform failure analysis testing on a component or system, our focus extends beyond the simple question, "why did it fail?" We identify the operational and environmental factors that caused the failure (the root cause of the failure) and how to prevent it from happening again.


Our work often begins with field services, examining the failed component on-site, understanding its environment and service history, and selecting critical samples. In the failure analysis laboratory, our engineers use a wide variety of sophisticated macroscopic and microscopic analysis and testing techniques to document the component, determine material properties and identify the failure mode.

AMTI's failure analysis testing experts are skilled in a variety of disciplines and fields including material engineering, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, welding, biomedical and structural engineering and coatings. This collective force of experience along with our comprehensive capabilities enables us to provide a complete and timely failure analysis report that can help prevent future failures.

Finally, the use of advance analytical procedures and comprehensive engineering and scientific analyses can provides the basis for the root cause and as well as the failure remedies, as required.

AMTI | Failure Analysis Report Experts

Applied Materials Technologies Incorporated (AMTI) is “an” expert in providing accurate and detailed engineering services and forensic failure analyses. We are an independent, multi-service engineering consulting firm specializing in a broad range of design and failure analysis testing for many major industry sectors as well as the insurance and legal communities. Our expertise spans inspection, quality control and accident reconstruction for manufacturing, fabrication and petrochemical processing, including all types of materials, components, systems, products and engineered structures. We also perform risk analyses and fitness for service evaluations.

Our forensic engineering practice is comprised of highly qualified engineers who are recognized authorities in their respective disciplines and areas of specialization. They possess unsurpassed experience in forensic investigation, evidence collection, failure analysis, testing and the ability to present complex and technical subjects in a clear and decisive manner.

We have established relationships with other engineering firms and professional associates to provide our clients with the most advanced failure analysis testing and support services available anywhere.

AMTI | Failure Analysis Testing Areas of Expertise

Our wide range of expertise allows us to be highly flexible and cost-effective for our clients. The spectrum of our services range from minimum involvement to major coordinated and comprehensive engineering efforts. AMTI's experts have managed or worked on many projects for government agencies, industrial clients and product liability litigants.