Damage Assessment


AMTI provides our clients with damage assessment insight into the essential characterization of accident mishaps with clarity that can only come from experience. AMTI is a full spectrum damage assessment firm that delivers insight to our clients in a wide variety of accidents.

Whether it's a structural collapse, personal injury, slip or fall, explosion, biomechanic, or human/machine interaction the principals of investigation and damage assessment remain fundamentally the same. Our engineers use several techniques of data collection and analysis, including the methods of conservation of momentum, computer simulation and photogrammetry.


When relevant, we visit the site in need of a damage assessment to obtain precise measurements and survey the location. We are able conduct visibility studies, re-create the conditions of the accident, and make any appropriate damage assessment reports..

When litigation is necessary, we review witness statements and depositions as a secondary source to supplement our investigations as well as empirical evidence. With this approach we re-create the most reasonable and accurate scenario of what took place.

In-Depth Analysis

AMTI’s engineers are experienced experts in forensic investigation of a wide spectrum of engineering and damage assessments. Our team provides in-depth analysis, accident re-creation, and expert witness testimony that’s backed up by sound technical data. We work with legal teams, insurance companies and manufacturers to construct logical, supportable explanations for the most complex of incidents and accidents.

Damage Assessment | Forensic Engineer Experts

AMTI is a team of professional engineers and forensic experts that present clarity and insight to its clients. We provide the client with the essential character of accidents, materials, fires and marine incidents that only experience can provide. The methodology of our scientists, technicians and research experts solve problems and answer questions for our clients in nearly every major discipline.

Common investigations:
  • Product and Process failure analysis
  • Fuel-gas systems analysis
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Vehicles, propulsion systems, and equipment
  • Process equipment and pressure vessels
  • Gas piping systems
  • Machine guarding systems
  • Farm, construction and industry machinery and equipment
  • Consumer product testing and analysis
  • Electrical equipment failure
Our expertise includes:
  • Engineering design and analysis for repair and retrofit
  • Full litigation support
  • Origin and cause determination
  • Construction and industrial site accidents
  • Industrial, commercial damage assessment