Aviation Compliance & Inspection

Applied Materials Technologies Inc. (AMTI) engineers and associates have been involved in aviation investigations since 1996. The AMTI engineering team includes mechanical, metallurgical and electrical engineers. We have many years of experience with knowledge of the aviation industry and have supported our clients in a wide variety of accidents. Whether it’s a collision, loss of control, corrosion, human/machine interaction or a system failure; the principles of aviation investigation remain fundamentally the same. Our experienced team consists of former military officers, and a former military pilot and along with our engineers have been involved in accident sites evaluations, accident reconstruction, aircraft construction analysis, fire cause and origin and aviation metallurgy.

AMTI and our association with Materials Engineering INC. (MEI), an A2LA accredited testing laboratory have the ability to examine site artifacts and all related accident materials. We also can assist in evidence collection and storage when warranted. AMTI engineers have personally testified in court regarding aviation conclusions and are always willing to provide technical insight and support throughout the entire litigation process.

Our expertise includes:
  • Accident Analysis/Investigation/Prevention/Reconstruction
  • FAA Regulatory Compliance
  • Engineering Quality Assurance
  • Force and Load Analysis Assessments
  • Expert Witness Testimony/Legal Research for both forensic and operational purposes
  • Analysis of Failed Metals and Composite Materials
  • Tribology & Wear Testing/Galling & Corrosion
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Engineering Quality Assurance
  • System Failures/Fire Cause Determination/Engine Failure